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Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Pedro Matos and I was born in Portugal in 1992, I’m currently taking a degree in Artistic Studies and working for my family business in the area of construction as an administrative assistant, alongside managing a small online store named “Palmela Salvage” to sell salvaged materials, furniture and used objects and machines taken from the buildings we restore.

My dream is to make a living out of working as a freelance musician and sound designer, which I have been doing since 2016 as an amateur and writing and researching about art history (hence my choice of degree).

I chose my name because of a song by Disasterpeace, whose style in music I admire along with his capacity to reinvent himself in every new project, bringing always new and interesting approaches to music and sound design.

Since around 2010, I enjoy researching about videogames and collecting them, specializing in the portuguese videogame history, having contributed to a book (Videojogos em Portugal) and creating a (now closed) blog (videogamespt.wordpress.com).

Nowadays I write about cancelled videogames for the website Unseen64, for the portuguese retrogaming magazine Pushstart, for Espectro, a modern magazine dedicated to the Zx Spectrum released in both Portugal and Brazil and finally to Planeta Sinclair, the most active website in Portugal covering the Zx Spectrum scene in portuguese.

Down here you will find a list of my current and past projects and my contact information, along with some info about myself.