New covers for old games

In 2016, after starting to discover Portuguese games made for Zx Spectrum that never had a commercial release (and obviously a cover) and by noticing that in my library I had a lot of old encyclopedias with great illustrations and random old books with all kinds of interesting drawings and graphics, I decided to use them to make covers for games that never had them.

Usually I start by creating a concept, then search on my books for images, digitizing the images in high quality and finally editing and assembling them in photoshop with some changes to the original concept, then, these covers are printed to be used as the covers these games never had…

Later I got also a request for a redesign of a cover, which I include down here (first image).



Labirinto da Morte Timex Cover

Cover for the Portuguese version of Maze Death Race for the Timex computer, originally a bland cover with white lettering on a grey background with no illustrations.



Cover for Serpente, a snake clone with some slight changes, created by a Portuguese amateur programmer in the mid-80’s that was recently discovered and preserved.



Cover for Herói, a portuguese translation of H.E.R.O. for the Zx Spectrum.


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