Bibliomático is a school project, a blog designed for my school’s library in partnership with the teacher Rosário Anselmo, teacher and the library’s manager that ran from 2011 to mid-2012.

It’s objective was to be an online cultural magazine for the Setúbal district and also promote events organized by the school and it’s library.

I took care of the website design, by modifying the graphical part of a previously existing template, replacing it with patterns made from assembling digitized images of documents from my personal collection and also fully translating the template from english into portuguese.

The concept and objetives were defined by the original team (me and teacher Rosário), later being joined by another writer.

After my graduation from this school (I was in the 12th year) and the move of teacher Rosário to another area of the country, the library’s administration changed and as so, also changed the project for the administration of the library.

After a few more posts, with the new administration having no interest in continuing old projects, the blog was closed for good and remains online for now, but surely won’t last for long…

A link is available below for the blog:


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