Desaparecido mas não esquecido

A blog, whose title can be roughly translated to “Lost but not forgotten”, about vintage and antique items, their story and stories, how they were found, where they came from and how they came to be.

Born from an old passion of visiting flea markets, hunting for curiosities and rare items, coupled with a huge donation of magazines, newspapers and documents from a private collector, led to this project that existed intermittently through 2012 until 2016.

The lack of views and comments and the migration of people from classic forums and blogs to facebook, really killed this project, as it tried to reborn as a facebook page, but the difficulty of finding an audience coupled with the fact that the information and images were not widely accessible through a search engine anymore, made it get lost in the immense world of facebook and ultimately forgotten.

Not everything is bad, as most of the items shared had their first online appearance on my blog, and images from it spread all around the web, as I released them in the public domain.

They can still be found, either shared in several websites just because of their graphical appeal, reused in university textbooks, used in scenarios for tv productions and many other uses that I still don’t know about.

Down here is the link to the website (in portuguese) because even being dead, it can still be used as a source of information and will remain as part of my portfolio:


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