Quinta Nova Sociedade Vinícola

This name belongs to a fictional brand that I have created to serve as kind of a joke, when every year I give my friends some bottle of wine, produced by a winery whose owners we are friends with.

I created these labels as practice for my graphic design skills and as learning when I started to use Photoshop and Illustrator, and they represent this fictional company that (supposedly) produced the wine.

Every year there is a new theme, depending on the guests I receive in the summer.

2014 Ibis
2014 – Ibis

In 2014, the brand was Ibis, represented by the Cattle Egret, a typical and very commonly seen bird in the natural area where the farm is inserted.

The name Ibis comes from Bubulcus Ibis, the binomial name of the bird and the image was modified from an original photo of mine that was cut, corrected and stylized to a silhouette.


2014 Quinta Nova Export Moscatel Rótulo
2014 – Quinta Nova Export Moscatel
2014 Quinta Nova Moscatel Regional Rótulo
2014 – Quinta Nova Moscatel Regional

In 2014, we also had access to a special Moscatel wine, so I chose that the brand should be more simple and more connected to the portuguese roots and imagery, using the typical tiles and it’s particular imagery and lettering.

Two different labels were made – the export version for our friends that live abroad and the regular version for those who live in Portugal.




In 2015, I decided to pay hommage to my deceased grandmother, immitating the style of the Port wine Dona Antónia, by chosing a picture of her in her typical pose, very reminding of the Dona Antónia Ferreira the wine producer and tried my best to reproduce the Port wine label, changing the information and logo to these of the farm.


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