Videojogos em Portugal

Videojogos em Portugal_História, Tecnologia e Arte

Videojogos em Portugal is the first book about the history of videogames and their development in Portugal, written by Nelson Zagalo, assistant professor at Universidade do Minho and released in 2013 by FCA.

At the time when the book’s contents were still being researched, a community of journalists, creators and teachers formed around it to help build this work.

I too have joined this team, as I had some videogames in my personal collection that hadn’t been referenced or studied before and I had always been interested in videogames and their history.

This was the start of my research, as I saw, with the passing of the years, that my knowledge in this area started to grow and I started to detect some flaws in the research and that some important projects for our history were missing from the book.

So, thinking of improving on this work, I started collecting, studying, interviewing people and researching everywhere, even discovering more new and obscure material, which lead to the creation of my blog VideogamePT.

Still, this book is a pioneer work, and, by now, still the most complete and broad source of information on this area.

Down you can find a link with more information about the book (in portuguese):

Some information was reused by the autor for the book “Videogames around the world” from Mark J.P. Wolf released by MIT Press.

The link below shows more information:


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